Love Marriage Problem Solution

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Love Marriage Problem Solution

Love Marriage Problem Solution: Many of peoples in India faces love marriage problems, Maharishi Suraj Shastri ji has solution for love marriage. If your partner is not agree or your partner’s parents not agree for marriage so we do powerful Vashikaran to them after that they will agree for marriage. Only God knows what is best for you. I get a lot of emails everyday from brothers and sisters who did a love marriage.

The love disappeared after few years and now their lives are literally hell. They are wants to help to sort out their miserable lives. Its the result of marrying someone without doing any istikhara. Let God decides what is good for you in future. Nothing matter how innocent your love is, there is no guarantee that you or your partner will feel the same after 6-10 years.

The Wazifas to marry a particular person are totally harm and forbidden in Islam. Not do any to marry anyone as you would be using Quran for some thing which is equivalent to black magic and You will be seriously harmed, If it was allowed, we would all be married to a movie star.

if your marriage has been arranged and you are already engaged with someone, and there some problem, must you do an istikhara only. They does not recognize engagement as a relationship of any kind.

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